Avaya B149 IP Conference Phone


With a sleek appearance and suite of smart productivity features, the B149 IP Conference Phone is an ideal choice for companies adding endpoints to their existing infrastructure or deploying a new network. This conference phone can be used for scheduled meetings and training sessions or for impromptu calls between globally dispersed offices and remote workers.
  • Crystal Clear Sound: Omnisound audio technology provides clear transmission during meetings – so you and your team don’t miss any part of the discussion. Full duplex transmits and receives sound simultaneously to prevent audio clipping; 360° surround sound as well as powerful speakers optimize audio pick-up and broadcasting. Noise suppression filters cut static background noise and an equalizer lets you adjust pitch to suit your preference.
  • Plug and Play simplicity: Connect the Avaya B149 Conference Phone to an analog telephone line and to a power outlet and you are ready to go! Quick and easy. Also included is a conference guide, perfect for making multi-party calls, and a handy phone book to store your key contacts.
  • Flexibility and Productivity Enhancing Features: Enhance web conferencing, video and other communications environments. The B149 Conference Phone is a versatile high performer that complements your existing solutions, which can be easily redeployed as your business grows or as needs change.
  • Best suited for small to midsize conference rooms with up to 10 people
  • OmniSound® — powerful crystal clear sound to provide seamless productivity
  • A Conference Guide that easily helps you set up group calls with the touch of a button
  • Optional expansion microphones that increase range (and number of participants) up to 750 sq ft
  • SD-memory card to record your meetings and conference calls for playback or to archive for later use
  • A Phone Book for quick access to your key contacts

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