MP IR-998340A3TV-S All-In-1 Communicator Kit

3G Battery Version, Standard Small Enclosure



  • 32 user codes of up to 8 digits
  • 10 dual EOL zones with flexible zone processing (instant / delayed / handover / 24h / silent)
  • 1 dedicated key-switch input & 1 dedicated cabinet tamper
  • Fully programmable by CMS or installer
  • Remote arm / disarm and aux control by CMS or installer
  • 5 dedicated auxiliary outputs – armed, exit delay, entry delay, siren and strobe
  • Customisable entry, exit and siren timers
  • Supplied with standard small enclosure, keypad, plug pack & accessory Kit                     




Housing Dimensions ATM:

270(L) x 220(W) x 50(D) (mm)

Housing Dimensions Standard:

252(L) x 358(w) x 85(D) (mm)

PCB Dimensions

210(L) x 145(W) x 43(D) (mm)

Installation Environment

0°- 50°C @ 15% to 85% Relative humidity





Input Voltage to PCB

16VAC 1.5A via supplied plug pack

Operational Current

140mA (idle)

Auxiliary Current for outputs

400mA continuous

Recommended Battery

12VDC gel type, 7.2Ah

Typical Battery Backup Time

up to 24 hours

Min. PSTN Line Voltage

18V (on hook)

PSTN Port Surge Voltage

5kV / 10/700uS

PSTN Earthing

Yes, through supplied plug pack

Max. PABX Line Voltage


Max. PABX Current


PABX Output Power


Max. RF Power

2W (Power class 4, 91/263/EEC directive)



Zone Inputs

Zones 1-11 EOL, Zone 12 NO



Outputs (open collector)

12 @ 100mA (max.) each


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