Aiphone DB-1SD Sub Master Station

For DB Series Hands-Free Audio Only Entry System

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  • Used with the DB-1MD Audio Master Station 
  • All calls between stations in the same residence 
  • Internal communication is hands-free (VOX) or push-to-talk (PTT) 
  • Call tone volume with mute indicator 
  • Receive volume control 


Power Source 15VAC-UseACtransiocmer PT-121IC. 120V (1 required per mastef station and 1 reQured per 2 sub stations)
Communication Hands-tree or PIT
Door Release Voltage output tor EI-12S. or 9.5-20V AC. TOO or hgher resetance
Wiring Door to master: 2-conductor Master to Sub: A conductor Between subs: 4-conductor. 2-conductor when sharing power
Distance Door to master- 360(22AWG) 1.020′(18AWG»
Door strike to power suppY. 380(22AWG) t.020′<18AWG)
Master to farthest sub: 330′ maximum
Wire Type Door to master: Aiphone #822202 or Aiptione #871802
Between masters/subs: Aiphone #812205 or Aiphone #8;180J


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