Cel-Fi Mobile Boosters & 4G Routers

cel-fi-proThere is lots of talk these days about “always on” connectivity. For most people a smart phone or similarly connected device is never far from reach. However given the size of Australia and the necessity for some to both work and live in remote regions connecting to a network can be an issue. That’s where Cel-Fi comes into play!

Cel-Fi delivers a strong phone signal in places that would normally see little to no signal. Using a Cel-Fi booster can allow users to:

  • Make and receive phone calls
  • Use mobile data networks for accessing:
    • email
    • apps
    • websites


This unit is set to amplify the Telstra 3G/4G network and will only provide the boosted signal for those with mobile providers linked to Telstra phone lines, these include:

  • Aldi Mobile
  • Boost Mobile
  • Indigo Telecom
  • Kogan Mobile
  • Lycamobile
  • Telechoice
  • and (of course) Telstra

Telstra Coverage Map

CommsCentre can supply and install large external antennas, run all the cabling between the antenna and control box to help improve both your cellular calling and data abilities.

CommsCentre are experts in installing and configuring Cel-Fi. Contact us today to find out more.