About CCBT

Our Mission at CCBT

Through diligence and professionalism CCBT will deliver excellence in the provision of advice, services and equipment for our customers’ information and communications technology requirements. We will strive to provide cost effective, innovative and practical solutions tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Our modern and appealing premises allow us to showcase industry leading state-of-the-art solutions and provide an engaging and productive environment for our staff.

Jeff Winter

Jeff Winter is the Managing Director of CommsCentre Business Technologies and has been working in the Central Queensland telecommunications sector for over 20 years. Jeff managed a number of communications stores in Rockhampton prior to starting his own Rockhampton-based business Advanced Phones in 1997.

Jeff sold Advanced Phones in February 2007 and opened a Commander Centre franchise in May 2007. Moving away from Commander in August 2010, the business was renamed to “CommsCentre Business Technologies,” or CCBT.

The Staff

CCBT has a strong focus on staff training and development. In his years as Managing Director, Jeff has always pushed for the very best in training and development packages for his employees to ensure the quality of service provided is of the highest standard possible.

Completing disaster and risk management programs, sales training, generic mine inductions and 4WD safety training allows CommsCentre staff to access and assist a wide variety of clients from mining to rural and metropolitan sectors.

Incentives are also provided for staff members that exceed expectations which establishes a culture of continuous improvement to enhance skills, knowledge and abilities to best respond to our customers’ needs.

Supplying & installing quality products