Evolution Mining

I would like to let you know that Adam and Ian did a wonderful job while out here last week.

There were a lot of issues to sort through but they got it all done in perfect timing – I thought they’d be here longer but obviously they’re just too efficient. I’ve seen Ian in the past when he’s been out here and always is lovely, but extra special praise to Adam for his quality of work and professionalism. I’m not sure if he is new to your team or not, I only met him last week, but a real 10/10 for him.

Renee Seem
Administration Trainee

Milne Bros Equipment

I would like to express my appreciation for all the support, help and consideration which Robin and Adam have shown towards all the staff members here at Milne Bros.

I know that Robin has spent quite a lot of time going through our 21 mobile phone numbers to obtain the best possible mobile rates and services. This has not gone un-noticed by the management and staff at Milne Bros and it is very much appreciated. His response to our telephone queries is always answered promptly and efficiently.

Whenever Adam is called upon for technical assistance, he is always very polite and obliging. He never arrives at our offices without a smile on his face, which is very refreshing, he goes about his business without any complaints and always asks if he can help us with anything else.

We understand at times it is quite difficult to employ the right type of people, with the right type of personality, and it keep them on-board is another challenge.

We feel that we can depend on Robin and Adam for all of our telephone queries and repairs, and therefore we have no problem in sending off this letter of recommendation to you, to show our approval of both Robin and Adam.

Lea Dwyer
Business Manager

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