ECA Multi Channel GSM Intercom

with access control – Requires SIM Card (not supplied)




This Hi-Tech talking system, will ask the visitors to make a call to one out of the 333 units in a complex of apartments, by pressing the house number followed the hash ( # ) key.
The system then will call the fist phone number which was stored in memory of the system for that unit apartment (for example the land line of the unit). The owner of the unit can answer the call and talk with the visitor and open the gate for the visitor by pressing the # key on his phone.
The system will automatically hang up if the call was not answered by the owner and try the second and third additional phone numbers which were programmed in the system for this apartment unit. This numbers can be the mobile phone numbers of the owners. This smart system will announce: “ No answers please try again later “.

Access Control

The system enables up to 999 users of the building to open the gate with their mobile phone from any distance with no limit of range and with no cost of a call to them. The system also enables the users to open the gate with a four-digit pin code with the metal keypad of the door station.

Service Free Maintenance

All the programming of the system can be done on site or wirelessly by the Master phone number.


• Metal keypad.
• Robust Anti-vandal unit
• Stainless-steel door station.
• Easy installation – four wires only.
• Anti-Vandal Speaker and Microphone.
• Water resistance unit for external use.
• Operation voltage: 12V – 24V Ac / DC
• Front panel illuminated by Blue light at night.
• Wireless GSM Intercom for up to 333 houses.
• Wireless Programming by phone from anywhere.
• Full Access Control Keypad for up to 1000 users.
• Guiding Speaking System enabling easy programming.
• No range limit and no cost of call to open the gate with mobile phones.
• GSM Access Control for 1000 users to open

• Dimension in mm H 195 x W100 x D 50
• Operation voltage: 12V Ac or Dc / or 24V DC only
• Power Supply current rating: min. 1,2A @12V
• Power Supply ripple: max. 120mV
• Input current in idle mode: 25mA @ 12V
• Input average current 100mA @ 12V

GSM frequencies: The unit supports quad band GSM frequencies
• GSM-850
• E-GSM-900
• DCS-1800
• PCS-1900

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