Lockwood Padde PD-770300-012 Z4 Mini Mag

280kg, Single Monitored, PTL, Surface Mount, 12/24V DC



  • Fail-safe: unlocks when power is removed
  • Easy installation: suitable for both new and retrofit usage
  • High holding force: refer to the technical data overleaf
  • Self-alignment: armature plate pivots to accommodate door drop
  • Silent operation: no humming or buzzing
  • Dual voltage: site selectable 12 or 24 Vdc
  • Monitoring: Reed Switch monitoring on all models.
  • Hall-Effect monitoring on Z4 and Z8 models.
  • Instantaneous release: smart electronics on the Z Series Electromagnets eliminate residual magnetism
  • Monitoring – Hall/Bond Monitoring This indicates that the lock is powered and that the armature plate is in position and magnetically bonded (it monitors if the magnet is locked)
  • Reed switch monitoring An integrated reed switch monitors the door position separately (it monitors the position of the door) 


Holding Force*

250kg – 280kg


(L)238 x (H)48 x (D)27 mm


12Vdc/ 24Vdc ±10%


450mA @ (12Vdc) 225mA @ (24Vdc)



Operating Temperature

-10 to 55 Degrees

Operating Humidity

0 – 95%


*Holding force is measured directly between armature and magnet, holding force on the door
may vary depending on the leverage created.

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