Thuraya SatSleeve


Thuraya SatSleeve is the world’s first satellite adaptor for smartphones, providing you with easy and affordable access to mobile communication services delivered over the Thuraya satellite network. Insert your compatible smartphone into the SatSleeve for iPhone or SatSleeve for Android, to stay connected through phone calls, SMS and data via satellite mode – and put the entire world within reach.

Thuraya SatSleeve Features

  • Add a satellite connection to your smartphone to stay in touch wherever you go.
  • SatSleeve supports voice, SMS, email and apps over satellite. Download the free SatSleeve App from the iTunes App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android.
  • Enhanced safety features with an Emergency Call button.
  • High Penetration Alerting (HPA) capability enables you to receive calls even if the satellite antenna is retracted.

Plans and Prices

Monthly Access Fee Monthly Included Value Flagfall Sat Calls Per Minute SMS Data Activation (Once off) Contract Term
$15 $0 0 $0.99 $0.50 $5 per 1MB (billed per 10kb) $25 Month-to-Month
$35 $15 0 $0.99 $0.50 $5 per 1MB (billed per 10kb) $0 24 Months
$70 $55 0 $0.88 $0.50 $5 per 1MB (billed per 10kb) $0 24 Months

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